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Diagnostic Assessment (Exploration Program)

Diagnostic Assessment (Exploration Program)

Explorations Program for Diagnostic Assessments

Foundations for Living offers a Short-Term Assessment option. This service is for males, ages 10-15, and females, ages 11–17, with an IQ of 70 and above, who are in need of structured care and assessment services in a nurturing therapeutic setting.

The Explorations Program consists of a 45-day period, during which residents fully participate in the daily therapeutic milieu, including individual, group, and family therapy. Life skills classes are also provided to youth.

Explorations youth also participate in all medical/nursing services, as applicable. Residents in this program participate in educational services with the ability to continue to earn high school credits and/or work towards the completion of a GED.

A Psychiatric evaluation, medical evaluation and pharmacological assessment are completed in the program. All youth will receive a battery of assessments as determined by the Licensed Psychologist to meet the needs and requests of the referral source, such as:

  • Diagnostic assessment
  • Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory – Adolescent (MMPI-A)
  • Trauma Symptom Checklist for Children (TSCC)
  • Jesness Inventory – Revised (JI-R)
  • Piers-Harris Self Concept Scale, Scored Edition (Piers-Harris II)
  • Western Personal Experience Screening Questionnaire (WPSW)
  • Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory (SASSI)
  • Casey Life Skills Assessment
  • Trauma Assessment

Each youth will receive a customized Individual Service Plan. A comprehensive assessment report will be reviewed with the referring agency prior to the youth’s discharge. Discharge planning will include the utilization of community resources in the youth’s home county.

Admission Criteria

  • No more than one admission to an emergency/acute psychiatric unit within the last three months
  • May not be an adjudicated sex offender or have a GSI charge
  • Is not being placed due to a letter of removal from another residential facility or is being transferred from another residential facility
  • IQ of 70 or higher and a reading level at the seventh grade level or higher
  • The youth is under the age of 18

Providing Hope for Youth

If an adolescent you know is struggling and suffering, Foundations for Living is here to help. We provide residential treatment services for troubled adolescent males, ages 10-15, and females, ages 11–17 struggling with behavioral health, as well as several specialized services for teen girls. Call 419-589-5511 today to speak with us about how we can help.