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What to Bring

What to Bring

What to Bring to Foundations for Living

How a resident chooses to dress is a matter of personal choice as long as it does not offend the rights of others or interfere with focusing on treatment goals. You and your guardian should work together to make sure you have enough appropriate clothing. You will need casual clothes that fit you correctly and comfortably and are appropriate for the season (coats in the winter, shorts in the summer). FFL does not permit clothing too tight or clothing that does not cover body properly (chest and bust areas must be covered at all times).

Each resident will be permitted to have the following clothing items:

  • Six pairs of jeans or pants
  • Four pairs of shorts (of appropriate length)
  • Six shirts (T- shirts or long sleeve shirts; stomach cannot be exposed)
  • One dress shirt (button down) or polo style shirt
  • Two sweatshirts (no hooded or big pocket sweatshirts)
  • Seven pairs of underwear (no thong underwear)
  • Seven bras (no under wire bras)
  • Seven pairs of ankle or footie socks (no knee socks)
  • Two pairs of pajamas (no halter tops, no sleeveless shirts, fly is to be sewn shut, T-shirt and shorts may be worn for sleeping)
  • One pair of slippers
  • One pair of shower shoes
  • One pair of flip flops for YMCA only
  • Two pair of athletic shoes (value for pair of shoes not to exceed $50)
  • One swimsuit (one piece for girls, boxer type swim trunks for boys)
  • One coat
  • One Quilt/blanket
  • One medium stuffed animal upon intake (eight total small to medium permitted in room at one time, must be kept neat and organized at all times).
  • Appropriate Photographs – copies of personal photos suggested.
  • Religious Materials
  • Therapeutic Materials

Each resident will be held to the following clothing expectations:

  • All pants will fit so that they stay up without a belt.
  • Residents will not wear their pants below their waist.
  • All shirts and blouses need to fully cover chests and breasts.
  • Shirts are required at all times (this includes recreation time); the stomach cannot be exposed at any time.
  • Altering clothing (other than placing your name on the tag or inside the item) will result in the clothing items being confiscated. Altering includes writing-on, cutting or ripping your clothing in any way.
  • No clothing will be permitted with inappropriate sayings, logos or slogans on them.
  • Socks and shoes/slippers must be worn at all times (no bare feet).
  • No slippers, shower shoes, flip flops, pajamas or scrubs will be permitted to be worn off the unit at any time.
  • Wave caps are allowed during sleeping hours only.
  • Undergarments, including bras for females, must be worn at all times.

No suggestive or sexually provocative clothing is allowed. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Short skirts/shorts (more than 2” above the knee)
  • Halter tops
  • Sleeveless shirts of any kind
  • Midriffs
  • Sheer tops/bottoms
  • Off the shoulder tops
  • Leggings/yoga pants
  • High-heeled shoes
  • Spandex items

Additional Regulations

  • No trading or borrowing of clothing is permitted. If a resident outgrows an item, it should be given to your Foundations for Living worker to be logged and put in storage.
  • No item of clothing should exceed $20. Athletic shoes should not exceed $50.
  • Foundations for Living will provide shower shoes to you.
  • No long or false fingernails (fingernail not to exceed ¼“ in length)
  • No hair extensions.
  • No belts of any kind.
  • No jewelry is permitted.
  • No outside hygiene products are permitted to be brought in.

Checked-Out Items

  • Individual radios are allowed for all residents as coping skills unless otherwise noted by the Treatment Team. You may access your radio for 2 fifteen minute periods per shift. Radios are not permitted to be used during school time or group time unless your staff feel you would benefit from utilizing one of your 15 minute periods as a tool to de-escalate. All 15 minute coping periods must be in an area away from other residents such as in your room or an empty dayroom. You are permitted to utilize your radio during free time at the staff’s discretion. Any radio that is not in use must be kept in your locker. Violation of this rule will result in a write-up. Repeated violation of this rule will result in the radio being confiscated and given to the Unit Manager.
  • Games
  • Markers, colored pencils, crayons (being used during free time)
  • Food (purchased from the incentive store)
  • Musical instruments

If ANY of the above rules are violated, clothing articles will be confiscated and a write-up will be issued to the Resident.

Foundations for Living will not be responsible for lost or stolen item over $20 for clothing and $50 for shoes.

Foundations For Living is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged personal property

Providing Hope for Youth

If an adolescent you know is struggling and suffering, Foundations for Living is here to help. We provide residential treatment services for troubled adolescents ages 10 through 17 struggling with behavioral health, as well as several specialized services for teen girls. Call 419-589-5511 today to speak with us about how we can help.