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Mental Health + Substance Use (Visions Program)

Mental Health + Substance Use (Visions Program)

Visions Program for Mental Health and Substance Use

The dual diagnosis program at Foundations for Living offers exceptional treatment for boys and girls living with mental illness as well as chemical dependency, Foundations for Living provides integrated treatment, rehabilitation and case management in a therapeutic setting. Our specialty services include:

  • Diagnostic assessment and treatment
  • Individual, group and family therapy
  • Psychiatric evaluation and pharmacological management
  • 24/7 nursing services, for medicinal administration, monitoring of side effects, medical education and treatment
  • Neurofeedback and biofeedback
  • Independent living skills
  • Chemical dependence counseling
  • Educational programming (including Special Education)
  • Recreation and leisure offerings

Providing Hope for Youth

If an adolescent you know is struggling and suffering, Foundations for Living is here to help. We provide residential treatment services for troubled adolescents ages 10 through 17 struggling with behavioral health, as well as several specialized services for teen girls. Call 419-589-5511 today to speak with us about how we can help.